About J.Bello

About J.Bello About J.Bello About J.Bello

J.Bello started drawing graphite and charcoal to 7 years old. Making portraits and realistic drawing, at age 12 started in oil painting, watercolor and acrylic, starting immediately to exhibit his paintings.

Early began his taste of realistic-style paintings, specializing in portraits. Having held several exhibitions in Portugal, Madeira Island, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, England, USA, Japan.

Admirers are often surprised to discover that the image before them is not a photograph, but a J.Bello original painting.

It is a full project artist who seeks to achieve perfection in everything you do, because it is self-taught discovers his own style and unique in their work.

As interest in his Photo-Realist paintings grew he expanded his repertoire to include classic cars and lifestyle imagery.